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About Hunt Review

Hunt Review is South Africa's number one hunting resource - developed by hunters, for hunters. Over the years, we have been on many hunting safaris and we have come to realise that quality and value can differ drastically from one outfitter to the next.

Connect with Above Average Hunting Experiences

South African hunting safaris may be commonplace for local hunters, but we want to ensure that our international hunters enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest. Hunt Review will enable local and international hunters to quickly connect to above-average South African hunting safaris.

Whether you're looking to snag the ultimate trophy, fill your freezer with delicious meat, or simply visit a five star hunting lodge, you're bound to find a piece of African paradise on Hunt Review.

Best of all - you won't be fooled by pictures as happens on some accommodation booking sites. No, you will have an opportunity to read reviews from people who have actually visited the game ranches and stayed in the lodges.

Browse and Share Unbiased Hunting Reviews

Hunt Review should be your first port of call when you're looking for a hunting outfitter or hunting services in South Africa. Hunting is not a cheap hobby, which is why you should always find a quality hunting outfitter who is committed to the success of your South African hunting safari.

We request that all our reviewers share accurate, honest, and fact based reviews of their hunting experiences for the benefit of all our users. Be sure to include information about the service, location, accommodation, hunting services and anything else other hunters may find useful.

How to Interpret Reviews

Let's be honest, hunting costs money. When booking a trip, we develop certain expectations that may or may not be realistic. Sometimes, a trip may be a huge success, and at times - because many factors are out of anyone's control - it may not be all that we expected. That's why we at Hunt Review request that reviewers are honest in their reviews.

We were taught that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, if a hunting outfitter has a five star review, that does not mean the reviews are biased. It's possible that they only have a few reviews and they happen to deliver outstanding service.

On the flipside, even the greatest outfitters sometimes have an off day (or a really difficult customer) - it happens to all of us. If everything about a company looks great, but their ratings are not completely stellar, read through their reviews and the way in which they responded to them. Do you think they offer reasonable explanations in their responses?

As with any successful hunt, use your heart, mind and gut to choose the perfect hunting outfitter for your next trip.


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