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Kotoko Taxidermy, Tannery and Training in Bloemfontein

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The volume of projects Kotoko Taxidermy received over the years, from hunters and clients all over the world, indicates the good relationship and trust our clients have built up in Kotoko Taxidermy.

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Kotoko Taxidermy, Tannery and Training is situated in Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State Province in South Africa.  We are located near the N1 on the main route between Gauteng and Cape Town, outside the Municipal Boundaries of Bloemfontein which makes it ideal for our type of business. 
Over the past 11 years Kotoko Taxidermy has established an impressive client base.  The volume of projects Kotoko Taxidermy received over the years, from hunters and clients all over the world, indicates the good relationship and trust our clients have built up in Kotoko Taxidermy.  The large amount of RETURN business also substantiates the high quality of our work and client satisfaction.

Kotoko Taxidermy has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and a Certificate of Registration for Veterinary Approved Taxidermy has been issued.  (Veterinary Certificate Number ZA 8/76).  This allows us to import and export both nationally and internationally.

Kotoko Taxidermy exports products and trophies to Hungary, European Union, Denmark, England and America on a regular basis.

Kotoko Taxidermy is also a taxidermy training facility in South Africa that gives practical training courses in taxidermy to clients.  Kotoko Taxidermy offers hands-on training on our premises in Bloemfontein. We offer two courses, one of 6 weeks and another more advanced course of 3 months.  Click here to learn more about Taxidermy Training Courses.

Kotoko offers the complete range of world-class Taxidermy and Tannery services. We have won numerous awards from the Taxidermy Association of South Africa, of which we are a member.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kotoko for all your Taxidermy, Tannery and Taxidermy Training needs.


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