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Otterskloof is a Private Hunting Reserve of outstanding scenic beauty situated in the Free State, Karoo, sweeping across 30 000 acres of bush veld savannah, river, valley and magic mountain landscapes.

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Otterskloof is a game reserve of outstanding scenic beauty situated in the Free State, Karoo.  The reserve is run along pure, sustainable management and development principles with an exceptionally low development and tourist footprint offering unrivalled exclusivity and privacy.  Family owned Otterskloof offers guests incredible ecological diversity in a “Conservation First” reserve, where all guest income goes towards positive conservation efforts.  It offers guests unique wildlife experiences, thrilling activities and picturesque natural assets in abundance.  There is a unique programme of activities such as swimming, hiking, game drives, fishing (own fish gear), veld braais, sunset drives and Bush dinners (weather permitting)  for guests to tailor-make their stay.  Otterskloof is a family friendly establishment.
Sweeping across 30 000 acres of bush veld savannah, river, valley and magic mountain landscapes, Otterskloof represents a piece of Africa as it used to be with the mighty Knapsak river, Vanderkloof Dam, weaving through breath taking landscapes.

A Seamless Hunting Experience in the Nama Karoo

When you hunt at Otterskloof, your expedition is led by experienced and well trained professional hunters, (affectionately known as a PH’s) and trackers, ensuring not only an unforgettable experience but everlasting memories that will entice your return. The serene setting coupled with the day’s events will make for good conversation around the fire at sunset.
We offer both the seasoned and less experienced hunter a hunt to suit their tastes and preferences. The reserve is vast and expansive, allowing a ‘walk and stalk’ hunt if you so wish. Hunting from pre-built hides is an option which may be entertained.
The vastness of the Reserve coupled with the varied topography makes every hunt different – from high open plateaus to deep thorny ravines, the environment is not only aesthetically pleasing, but offers a different challenge on every hunt.

Nature Conservation is an Ethical Responsibility

Our free roaming herds are the result of our game management program, which approximates natural selection. Our aim is to manage the survival and improvement of our flourishing and genetically balanced herds in natural surroundings.
The hunting of game, when guided by a professional hunter, contributes to our conservation program. The absence of natural predators and the importance of a sustainable natural environment for the animals, for instance, makes selling and culling (through hunting) of animals compulsory, if conservation is to be achieved. Culling selected mature bulls makes for exceptional trophies.


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